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We see ourselves as a service provider for companies and municipalities in the Waldeck-Frankenberg region.

Our tasks:

  • Increasing the economic power of the district
  • Improving the economic and employment structure
  • Securing jobs and creating new jobs
  • Positive impact on infrastructure
  • Support and advice for all district-based companies
  • Support for start-ups and companies wishing to settle
  • Assistance with funding applications for business investments
  • Support for companies in finding suitable locations, business parks and commercial properties
  • Actions to support the economy
  • Providing economic information about the district

Für regionale Unternehmen:

For potential new settlers:

For founders:

  • Unterstützung bei Unternehmenserweiterungen

  • Aufzeigen von Fördermöglichkeiten

  • Unterstützung bei der Entwicklung neuer Produkte & Verfahren

  • Standortsuche

  • individuelle Beratung

  • Support bei Verhandlungen mit Behörden

  • (Über-) regionale Vernetzung

  • Support in choosing a location

  • (Supra-)regional networking

  • Discussions with authorities and institutions

  • public funding opportunities

  • Support in developing business ideas

  • Founder consultation days

  • Support with the
    Business plan creation

  • Founder forums

  • Funding opportunities

  • Support in negotiations with banks and authorities

  • (Supra-)regional networking

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