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Start-up funding

Our promise :

We support your start-up project from the very beginning and provide you with the appropriate funding. We are also happy to help you find suitable network partners.

Start-up grant

Under certain conditions, you can finance your step into self-employment with a start-up grant offered by the employment agency. The following requirements must be met:

  • You become self-employed full-time and thus end your unemployment.

  • You are entitled to unemployment benefit for at least 150 days after you start your self-employed activity.

  • An expert body certifies that your business model and your personal requirements enable you to start a business and achieve long-term success as a self-employed person. Expert bodies include the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Chamber of Crafts and Trades, and banks.


ERP start-up loan

If you want to start, take over, consolidate or invest in a small business, KfW can support you with the ERP start-up loan - StartGeld. With the ERP start-up loan - StartGeld you can receive a loan of up to EUR 125,000.

An important component of the ERP start-up loan - StartGeld is a liability exemption of up to 80 percent. This means that KfW agrees a risk distribution with your bank. The higher the liability exemption, the lower the risk of default for your credit institution.

If you start a company as a team, each founder can apply for up to EUR 125,000.

EXIST start-up grant

The scholarship supports students, graduates and scientists from universities and other research institutes who are interested in starting a business.

The founding teams receive an EXIST start-up grant for a period of 12 months at attractive conditions to develop a business plan and prepare for the founding of their company with the support of their university or research institution.


High-Tech Founders Fund

Innovative and technology-oriented start-ups are usually much more complex and capital-intensive than normal start-ups and are associated with particularly high market, management and technical risks. Start-ups are therefore often exposed to financing difficulties.

The High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) invests venture capital in high-tech start-ups. Investments are made in start-ups that are no older than three years and into which no more than 500,000 euros of equity, silent partnerships or convertible loans have previously been invested.

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