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Waldeck-Frankenberg - a strong economic location

Vibrant economy

Tradition and innovation go hand in hand here: many companies are owner-managed and can look back on a long history of success. In total, around 10,000 companies drive the economy of Waldeck-Frankenberg. A balanced mix of globally successful corporations, SMEs and innovative founders from a wide range of industries cushions economic fluctuations and secures regional economic growth.

Central location at a reasonable price

Companies in Waldeck-Frankenberg benefit from low land and rental prices, a strong network and a central location in the heart of Germany: Geographically located between the Rhine/Main, Rhine/Ruhr and Lower Saxony regions, the region has attractive mixed-use, commercial and industrial areas. We support you in your search for an affordable location that suits you. We also provide you with the possible funding options .

Qualified employees

Strong training initiatives by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Kassel-Marburg and the regional district trade association , the Technical University of Central Hesse (THM), the proximity to university towns and young people who want to return to their homeland after their qualified training or studies ensure a diverse range of qualified workers. Further training, for example at the THM and the Hans-Viessmann School, supports the further qualification of your employees.

Regional career exchanges such as NETWORK Waldeck Frankenberg , cleverheads or the career service jobtandem support you in filling vacancies.
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