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Securing skilled workers

IWAK regional dossier

Waldeck - Frankenberg at the Emigration Fair in Utrecht

For the ninth time, North Hesse presented itself at the Emigratiebeurs/Emigration Fair in Utrecht. What once started with the district of Kassel alone is now a joint project of all North Hesse economic development agencies and Regionalmanagement Nordhessen GmbH. The common goal was to attract qualified workers and company successors to the region. With 12,000 visitors, the emigration fair in the Netherlands is Europe's largest and best-attended event for emigrants, immigrants, expatriates, students, entrepreneurs and job seekers.

In view of demographic change and the shortage of skilled workers, workers from outside the region are an important solution. After all, the demand for workers and skilled workers can no longer be met in the future with young people from North Hesse alone. Immigration can have a positive effect on the economy and ensure long-term sustainability. In the Netherlands, there is also interest in regional real estate and succession options in North Hesse. The demand for jobs was particularly high due to the geographical and cultural proximity to Germany. This was not only reflected in the large number of interested parties at the trade fair stand, but also in the large number of online visitors who accessed the "North Hesse job exchange" via the Internet.

In just two days, around 250 concrete and intensive discussions were held. The trade fair team received support, among other things, through video messages from Dutch people already living in northern Hesse, who helped to convince their fellow countrymen of the advantages of northern Hesse. Sefton Nickless, who moved from Rotterdam to northern Hesse and is the successor to managing the Altenburschla campsite, joined the event live and answered questions from trade fair visitors. At the trade fair stand, the range of qualifications of visitors ranged from simple jobs to skilled workers and academics - and this across all sectors: health professionals, engineers, IT specialists and people interested in taking over companies in the catering and tourism sectors.

The decision to leave your homeland and set up camp in Germany is not something you make overnight. This year, a trial weekend was therefore offered again for Dutch people who want to emigrate (July 28th / 29th, 2023 in Willingen). The program again included information about vacant jobs, the housing market, the welcoming culture in the region and a short sightseeing tour through Willingen in the Waldeck-Frankenberg district:

A group of travelers from the Netherlands accepted the invitation from North Hesse and visited Waldeck-Frankenberg on Friday, July 28th. The Waldeck-Frankenberg Economic Development Agency organized a taster day in Willingen (Upland) together with the North Hesse Regional Management. The goal was to give the guests an impression of the region as well as information about the job market. The result was an eventful day with a ride in the chairlift up the Ettelsberg and an informative lecture session in the afternoon with participants from North Hesse.

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