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The issue of succession in medium-sized family businesses is associated with numerous challenges, but also offers many opportunities and possibilities. Here you will receive exciting insights and valuable information from us that will make succession easier for you.

Do you want to hand over your company or take over a company?

A handover or takeover raises many questions. Especially in the initial phase, it is important to get an overview: What is involved in the succession process? What pitfalls are there and what should I definitely pay attention to? Where can I get support? The succession check addresses your situation and gives you a lot of information and ideas. You will receive a quick and free personal overview of all the important topics so that you can plan the next steps.

Germany's largest company succession exchange successfully brings together company owners and start-ups.

The aim of the nexxt - change company succession exchange is to bring together entrepreneurs and start-ups interested in succession. Entrepreneurs and start-ups can research the exchange's advertisements or place their own advertisements. They will be supported by regional partners.

North Hesse's network for young professionals

Become part of Nexxt-now, a community of young people who would like to acquire entrepreneurial skills and leadership qualities and would like to network in the North Hesse region! Network with mentors and coaches who will accompany you on your journey and are good for your development and professional success! And who knows, maybe you would like to be your own boss in the future and take over a business?

Succession begins now! - The information portal

The website offers an independent knowledge and information platform for everyone who wants to find out more about the topic of company succession.

The aim is to convey information in a way that is easy to understand and logically structured. Behind Succession in Germany stands
the Institute for Entrepreneurship, SMEs and Family Businesses (EMF Institute) at the HWR Berlin.

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