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Our service for potential settlers and relocators: We support companies that are considering settling in or relocating to Waldeck-Frankenberg in finding the optimal location for their business. We tailor our services entirely to your needs.

Large areas at small prices


The Waldeck-Frankenberg region has spacious areas and offers a wide selection of mixed-use, commercial and industrial areas. Companies in the region benefit not only from the high quality of life , but also from the low rental and purchase prices.

We are there for you

The better we know what criteria your location needs, the more targeted we can be in presenting you with suitable locations. We work closely with authorities, institutions and municipalities so that you can get started quickly. We are also at your side if necessary for important or difficult negotiations. We also provide the appropriate funding and contacts to (national) regional networks.

We are also happy to assist you in important or difficult negotiations with authorities, banks or municipalities if required.
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