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Attention nature lovers, connoisseurs, athletes and high-flyers - here you can enjoy the good life to the fullest: As one of the most beautiful holiday regions in Germany, Waldeck-Frankenberg has a lot to offer guests and residents alike: summer and winter - so throw yourself in and find your place - we hope you have lots of fun.

An Eldorado for sports enthusiasts

In summer, three lakes invite you to go sailing, surfing, water skiing, diving or swimming. Those who prefer dry feet can let off steam with paragliding, climbing, hiking, golfing or mountain biking. Hobby pilots and aviation enthusiasts can take a special trip with the Ederbergland Air Sports Club. During the winter season, 18 slopes, a snow park and 100 kilometers of groomed trails offer pure powder fun. Skiing, boarding, cross-country skiing, ski jumping or tobogganing - winter sports enthusiasts get their money's worth in Willingen.

More tips and everything worth knowing about life in Waldeck-Frankenberg can be found on the website das gute Leben to discover.

Culinary highlights

Gourmets can indulge in culinary delights or enjoy regional cuisine. The gastronomic offer is varied. Real gourmets recommend, for example, the Michelin-starred cuisine of the gourmet restaurant "Philipp Soldan" in Frankenberg, the Bärenmühle in Frankenau or the smallest restaurant in northern Hesse "FENSTER FUENF" in Dorfitter. Fresh fish with a view of the lake can be enjoyed in the Rehbacher Fischerhütte . Those who prefer to cook themselves can find fresh ingredients and regional specialities .

The last primeval forests in Europe

For nature lovers, the Kellerwald-Edersee National Park offers the perfect opportunity to explore protected areas. On 430 hiking tours, you can experience untouched nature up close. The old beech forests are among the last primeval forests in Europe and have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2011. In addition to many forest animals, one of Germany's rarest mammal species , the wildcat, also lives in the depths of the forests. But even if it rarely appears, spectacular views make the tours an unforgettable experience.  

Breathe deeply and recharge

27km lake panorama. The Twiste , Diemel and Edersee are wonderful places to relax and offer plenty of space for sun worshippers: Simply cycle or walk along the shore - alternatively take a board or canoe out onto the lake and choose a secluded spot. Regardless of the weather and season, wellness fans can immerse themselves for a few hours and unwind. The Willinger Lagunenbad , the award-winning wellness area of the Hotels Freund or the Quellentherme Reinhardshausen offer suitable offers.


Project Suse

Whether for newcomers or returnees, the district's "SuSe - Enabling Play and Standing Legs" network helps them gain a foothold, make it easier to arrive and put down roots more quickly.
A particularly important feel-good factor here is contact with like-minded people, and this is precisely what the network aims to provide. You can only build your own home in the long term where you feel comfortable. "SuSe" wants to help people settle here both professionally and privately and achieve their potential.
The district-wide network offers people the opportunity to make contacts and share common interests. Enjoy the benefits of the good life – more information is available at

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