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Career orientation

Internship weeks Waldeck-Frankenberg 2024

Companies and students get to know each other during one-day internships. The students change companies after each day and gain experience in different professions and companies. A total of nine weeks ( June 24th - August 23rd, 2024 ) are available for the internship days before and during the summer holidays. During this period, both companies and students can participate flexibly.

If you want to be there, register here for free!

zynd - and what are you passionate about?

Orient. Reflect. Ignite.

Feels like you have 1000 possibilities and you're still lost? On zynd you can use different playlets to find out what you're passionate about. Career orientation? Sure, it's a challenge, but doable with the right support!

Find out where you are right now, what really interests you, what decisions await you and how to apply.


All training exchanges in Waldeck-Frankenberg

Tag der Ausbildung.jpg - My start in training

The portal was introduced in autumn 2008 for secondary school students and offers numerous tips and information on topics relating to training and career choices. In the self-exploration program BERUFE-Universum, students can enter their strengths and interests and find out which careers suit them best. It is a trilingual offering!

IHK Training Atlas

The Kassel-Marburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce's training atlas is a directory of training companies in the chamber's district. It is an important information tool and supports students in their search for a training position. You can search for the company's headquarters as well as for training occupations and training offers in the Chamber of Industry and Commerce apprenticeship exchange.

There is also such an atlas for the state of Hesse.

Youth Career's about YOU!

The youth employment agency offers coordinated support services for the promotion of young people. It helps you to find the right support for you among the many offers.

She will work with you to develop the right path for you. Your wishes, interests and abilities are the main focus!

OloV Regional Coordination

Passing of the baton at the regional OloV coordination

In the regional coordination for the implementation of the Hesse-wide OloV strategy, Ms. Lara Kurzrock has handed over the management to the managing director of the economic development agency, Ms. Barbara Eckes, this year and thus says goodbye to all regional actors of the OloV network in the Waldeck-Frankenberg district.

In order to bundle all activities that support young people on their way to training, the state of Hesse has developed a comprehensive concept: the OloV strategy. The aim of the Hessian OloV strategy is to ensure the quality of the processes in the transition from school to work and to avoid parallel structures so that young people can successfully enter their professional future.


For the Waldeck-Frankenberg district, the planning for the OloV strategy has been set for the coming year, so that the economic development agency has a basis for successfully taking over regional coordination. Based on the implementation to date in the region, the next meeting of the steering group will be organized by the OloV regional coordinator of the economic development agency, Mr. Kephas Kühn. "We will continue to pursue the goals we have set and look forward to a good collaboration with the regional players so that we can guarantee the continuation of the OloV strategy next year as well," confirms the managing director, Ms. Barbara Eckes.

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